Website Audit

Want to increase website traffic and revenue? QASpace conducts independent audits both technical and SEO.
We provide tips on how to improve your site and fix possible errors.

Technical Website Audit

The technical release of a product strongly affects the promotion and website operation efficiency. This is a comprehensive checking of the website technical side, which makes possible to identify program and technical errors.
The proper functioning of the site affects the flow of customers and your profit, of course. Server settings, slow website loading, non- indexed pages, incorrect web site displaying in browsers, deadlinks, lack of meta tags and errors in the code cause low search engine ratings and loss of customers.

Basic details being provided by technical audit:
• Analysis of sitemap and correct navigation
• Layout quality analysis
• Website loading rate (detection and elimination of heavy website elements that significantly slow down page loading)
• Page forming
• Checking the server settings
• Hosting quality analysis
• Website’s individual elements analysis
• Correct operation of 404 errors
• Website indexing-settings analysis

We provide recommendations to eliminate possible technical errors. As a result, you increase the position of the web site in search engines and raise the flow of customers. An error detected and corrected in time will save your cost, and we will enjoy one more achievement in successful cooperation!

Technical Website Audit
SEO Audit

An equally important factor that influences the ratings of a website is content. Properly compiled semantic core ensures the growth of website users. Content subject and its components are created using a fully detailed analysis. Promotion strategy, methods, and approaches building on SEO audit basis, as well as selecting of supplementary specialists. Then goes a promotion plan running.

What SEO Audit helps us to find out:
• Number of indexed pages
• Number of links and where they lead us
• Visibility of your site in search engines
• Different key levels
• Competitors and their methods of activities

The answer to each point outlines a situation that will:
• Return us to the right way of task-accomplishing
• Show the fruitful plan to develop
• What resourceful stuff would be great to implement.
Introducing a generated promotion plan, you receive a quality product that increases sales, display in TOP links by the designated categories, and just make happy its creator.

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