Automated Testing

This is a process of software testing where the basic features and following test steps as running, initialization, executing, analyzing and issuing result, performed automatically with tools produced for automated testing.

Automation Efficiency

Our team is improving testing tools and approaches constantly.Many years of experience allow us to determine what works and what doesn't work and choose the best way to test your product such as technologies, scenarios, test cases and integration with the environment.

The results of each auto-test are analyzed by our engineers and extended reports are prepared.
Reporting is being formed without people factor, excluding mistakes. Considering primary advantages, this kind of testing appears to be profitable budget savings for software developing.

If bugs are detected, improvements keep launching until the result fits perfectly, although there are moments when no errors happening even from the first stage.

Major assets:
• High-level of operation speed. Frees up time for research testing and exploring complex tasks.
• Human factor absence. Reduces the number of errors and fuel confidence that all written tests will be executed the same way.
• Effective performance improvement. Automatic reporting contributes to fast defect defining.

An indispensable instrument for speeding up the introduction of new functionality that promotes increasing of users activity.

Our team will ensure the high quality of your product!

Efficiency of automation
Automation Vs Manual testing

Not a special hardware base but a team of qualified specialists is a ticket to success for both testing methods. Technologically, automation is quite more complex in usage than manual testing, but it’s not entirely appropriate to be implemented everywhere.
If pay attention only to basic characteristics, there might appear the wrong conclusion about manual testing would be fine for small projects and the automation fits well large projects. In reality, these conclusions mean nothing since each project is a specific way of creating unique art. Thus, there is no answer to what is better or what is not.

It all depends on:
• Project complexity. There is no need to automate simply-based system because of software budget and simplicity of functionality.
• Deadlines. As a rule, we recommend manual testing for short-term projects. Autotests are more applicable to long-term projects.
• Financial resources. Kind of testing selects in accordance with the profitable for the customer difference between the costs of testing and the benefits that the product will bring after release.

We propose and justify the most convenient type of testing after taking into account customer’s wishes and requirements, including provided product and all the constituent elements for its implementation.

Automation vs Manual

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