The Internet is a valuable foundation for a modern business nowadays. Companies present their services via websites that are their visiting cards. This aspect acquaints the user with a product.
We are testing web-applications of all complexity degree:
• Corporate websites
• Online stores
• Online services
• Forums, etc

To build a complete picture, we fully testing functionality: frontend, backend, and usability. At the final stage, these actions become the basis of our recommendations on how to improve the application and eliminate bugs.

Computer Games

Computer games occupy a growing niche in the software development market, their popularity dynamics rise at lightning speed. Due to the improvement of quality, scenarios and entertainment parts, they attract more and more adoring fans. As a rule, a large team of people involved in its creation and the same many stages are taken on the way to release. It’s impossible to identify which stage is more important, but game testing is one of the most.
Game Testing includes:
• Functional Testing
• Multi-platform Testing
• Load Testing
Testing involves checking the game, finding and correcting bugs before release.This is a standard, but an extremely important stage in the game development. Commercial success largely depends on how carefully the application has been tested for defects. If the player faces bugs in the first hours of his acquaintance with a game, this greatly reduces the probability of success.

Mobile applications

Mobile technology develops at a rapid pace. Applications become the indispensable helpers of any user, and also often bring a huge income. The range of users can be completely different ages and this is one of the main advantages.
Mobile applications nowadays are in great demand at least due to access from anywhere on the planet. Our task is to identify all possible errors and make the product perfect one among the closest competitors.
Testing mobile applications include:
• Correct operation
• Functionality testing
• Screen resolution
• Work on different operating systems and mobile platforms
We make tests on all devices and OS kinds. There is a large variety of devices where we perform testing.

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