Software Testing Agency

Being passionate about the technologic advance, we’re amazed by the opportunity to share our skills with your brilliant ideas so that the world could see a brand new creation.
We offer:
-Manual Testing
-Automated Testing
-Load Testing
Trusting us with a website, application or game, you make provision for the forehanded problem-solving, while we sustain your confidence by the immediate and valid result.

We take the leading position, based on using the latest methodologies, proficiency to find out the customer’s requests and identify the end user software needs

Web Service Testing

Controls the correct web service implementation with manual or automatic mode, using highly-efficient instruments.


Includes exploring of processes and evaluation of all conditions and circumstances that may affect the quality of development and the final product.

Software Quality Assurance

Launches a complex of manipulative actions, covering all technological stages of the development process, release, and exploitation of info systems’ software that is useful on its different life-cycle phase to ensure the required performance level of product.

Software Testing

Our overachievers monitor the proper software operation in accordance with primary established requirements, filtering the errors.

Our Services

Manual Testing

Provides a sophisticated understanding of product functionality and usability. Experienced Testers analyze the operability of software elements against the tech documentation requirements.

Automated Testing

Surpasses in a faster discovery of precise results. Reporting is being formed without people factor, excluding mistakes. Considering primary advantages, this kind of testing appears to be profitable budget savings for software developing.

Load Testing

Defines the performance reliability of the project under a standard load and figure out its high limit. We prepare your product for a high-grade long run before and after its prosperous release.

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